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Welcome to Boston Terrier Memorials. First and foremost, if you have arrived here due to the loss of your Boston Terrier, we want you to please accept our total and complete sympathy at this time as we not only understand your feelings of pain and grief, we have experienced it as well and know exactly what an impact these little creatures can have on one’s life and feeling of joy and well being. They really are like perfect little people who provided you with countless times of joy and affection that will be deeply missed and never forgotten. This is a place, a very special place, where we hope to provide a permanent home online where people from all over the world can provide photos, videos and stories about the Boston Terriers they have lost and be able to come and visit any time and share these wonderful and memorable things with everyone else. This website is dedicated to TuX (Mr. TuX) a very special friend we were so incredibly lucky and blessed to have had in our lives. TuX was taken from us far too early due to a brain illness. He was one of five Boston Terriers we have all of which are one family. His mate, PiCa, his children TriO and LiBBy, and his brother-in-law SyD. TuX and PiCa also have three other kids that live with immediate family members as well. They are FreDDi, ELLi and BuDDy. He was a great and proud father and is missed dearly by them all. As this site grows into the future, we hope that we are able to provide any amount of comfort at all to those who visit and re- visit their loved one. We will be implementing a feature called “Cookies” that will allow owners and visitors to purchase a cookie that will be displayed on the Boston’s page of their choice. Funds raised from the Cookie Jar will be used for the growth and maintenance of this website and also to provide funding for pet owners who are in need of funds for emergency medical treatment for their pet. As we develop this, detailed information will be provided in a dedicated section of this website. Nothing can ease the pain of losing a Boston Terrier. They are much much more than just dogs. They needed you and you needed them. Until you meet again one day, all we can do is remember how much better they made our lives when they were here and honour them in everlasting memories. So please enjoy your visit and remember that each and every time you come back your little friend knows and loves you that much more for it. - Ermanno & Amy
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Mr. TuX